Thursday, November 21, 2013

JFK Revisited

A few notes on the JFK assassination I have never seen mentioned.  Here is the car before the President and Mrs Kennedy entered:

The Kennedys are getting into the car. Notice John Connally greeting them with roses in place:
The Limo door is not closed.  They will run the entire trip through downtown Dallas with this
 door ajar.
John Connally must know his arm is on a door that is not latched.  It's as if he wants to make a quick dash to safety after someone tipped him off to the dangers of riding in this car.  There is a story that LBJ warned him ahead of time.
Notice the man in the front passenger seat. If that is not evil, I don't know what evil is.  This guy looks dangerous.
 Here the Limo travels through downtown Dallas.  Notice the number of people everywhere.
 More crowds.  People taking up every space on the street.  Notice JFK pushed up against the right  side of the car with his legs tucked into the side upholstery.  Notice the distance between JFK and Jackie and the roses in between them.
More people everywhere.

 Crowds of people ten or twenty deep greet the President's Limo.
Passenger door is still ajar.

Now we enter the kill zone and where are the crowds?  This area has been cleared.  You can count the number of people.  The lady in red admits to being a friend of Jack Ruby.   That is how she escaped the clearing of the people in the area which was done by Jack Ruby and another man, possibly Roscoe White. 

The few people we see walking towards the Limo are going into the area that was previously cleared by men with fake IDs and Roscoe White was a Dallas Policeman in uniform.  There is no doubt the entire scene was staged for a murder.

This is circumstantial evidence but you have to wonder why the President is riding in a car with doors that are not shut.  They knew the car was going to take a highway past downtown yet this door remained unlatched the entire time.  JFK's feet remained crammed up against the wall of the car as far to the right as he could go.  Without him being far to the right of the car, the grassy knoll shooter and the sewer shooter would have never had a shot.  Reports of the driver stopping the car and looking back are upsetting at the least but even the Lady in Red said the car came to a complete stop in the kill zone which had been cleared.
One shot to distract, and everyone looks backward towards the School Book Depository building.  The cops are looking at JFK like they are expecting something.

Once everyone is distracted by the first shot that went well over the car due to the trees in the way, then BOOM.. kill shots to the head.  Planned and executed by the CIA death squads with help from Chicago Mafia boss Sam Giancana and other underworld figures.

 Here we go back to the beginning of the trip and see the Secret Service Human Shields being called off by their supervisor in the follow car.  This man is not happy about being told to stand down from his usual job of protecting the president.

You can argue with stories and rumors but you can't argue with fact.  And the fact is this trip stunk to high heaven from the first minute.  The same people who pulled this off also murdered MLK, RFK, and Che Guevara within a couple of years.  These out of control murderers are still in charge of this corrupt country!


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